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Groovy Bee  Organic MCT Oil


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Consumers have become increasingly attracted to foods containing MCTs (medium-chain-triglycerides). Organic MCT oil, like coconut oil, is a great source of essential fats and has been consumed across the world's tropical regions for hundreds of years. Not only is MCT oil easy to digest, 

it also supports cognitive function and weight management.

The Health Ranger Store is proud to present Groovy Bee® Organic MCT Oila top-quality MCT oil sourced from the tropical areas of Singapore.

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What are the benefits of adding MCT Oil into my diet?**

Our Groovy Bee® Organic MCT Oil delivers more MCT than coconut oil and is packed with nutrients to support your overall health. MCT Oil is an excellent source of fuel for the mitochondria, our body’s cellular power sources. The oil works as an energy supply to our system, improving athletic performance and supporting endurance workouts. Beyond those benefits, MCT oil offers additional support:

Promotes a healthy gut with digestive support

May help support satiation, a feeling of fullness

A top source of essential fats for healthy skin and hair

Supports heart and brain function through its antioxidant properties

As the popularity of MCT oil grows, many manufacturers have begun selling synthetic oils that are misleadingly labeled organic or a “health food.” Avoid making the mistake of buying synthetic oils by purchasing Groovy Bee® Organic MCT Oil. Every batch has been lab validated for purity and screened for contaminants.

How does MCT Oil help withmy weight management plan?**

Organic MCT oil is an excellent addition to any reasonable weight management program. It’s easier to digest and absorb than other types of fats, which helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Undoubtedly the greatest benefit of organic MCT oil is its ability to keep you feeling fuller, longer, and helping to support your metabolic functions.

How can I add MCT Oil to my diet?

Pour a few drops of organic MCT oil into your morning coffee, 

your favorite yogurt, or your breakfast smoothie. Or use MCT oil as 

healthier oil alternative for homemade salad dressing.

Groovy Bee® Organic MCT Oil is a great addition to your diet for boosting your overall health and well-being. Our China-free formula is vegan, 

non-GMO, and lab-verified for purity. A product of Singapore, you can trust that you’re getting the best organic MCT oil available today.

groovy bee organic mct oil

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groovy bee organic mct oil
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Groovy Bee® Organic

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